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u joint couplings

U Joint Couplings are essential to link different machine or vehicle parts that do not line up perfectly. Functionally, these couplings allow movement and flexibility while transferring power from one part to another. Really, they are just the glue that bring all of these pieces together in perfect harmony. A u joint coupling consists of two yokes, a cross and several needle bearings.

    Purchasing the Ideal U Joint Coupling for Your Application

    Choosing a U joint coupling properly for your machine part or heavy vehicles is not that easy to make. When selecting a coupling type, it is important to take many factors into consideration including power requirements, angle of the couplings function and how much motion will be required. The dimensions of the yoke and cross, size and type of cage or block assembly also with the specific types & quantity needle bearings is important this affects performance efficiency.

    Why choose YUNLONG u joint couplings?

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